With Shopify taking center stage in the eCommerce world, WooCommerce is still a great shopping cart platform that people oftentimes dismiss. It really depends on your specific situation on whether Shopify vs WooCommerce is best for you. But, if you are running WooCommerce to power your online stores and are not using these two IconicWP plugins, then you’re missing out.

We create, run and administer several different eCommerce stores in a variety of different applications. Most eCommerce stores feature products and services from a specific company or brand. Think of an online store for a popular clothing brand. Dropshippers and resellers also use eCommerce stores to sell a variety of different products. Companies even utilize online stores as a convenient place employees can purchase uniforms or company apparel.

Regardless of the situation, people and companies put up eCommerce stores to make money. And while eCommerce is constantly evolving with new best practices to help increase sales, there are several general guidelines people should follow that will help generate more online revenue, especially when it comes to online clothing stores.

One of the main things you should focus on is your product page. You’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of time, money or both to get people to your product page. The last thing you’ll want is for someone to come to your product page and not complete the purchase.

Thankfully, there are several different plugins from Iconic that can help not only finalize the sale, but also generate even more revenue with upsells and cross sells. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of their plugins:

WooThumbs For WooCommerce

We actually had this plugin when the author had it on Theme Forest. They took it off Theme Forest and I’m happy to see they kept on developing it (along with several other different plugins).

While no online eCommerce platform is perfect, this is one of the biggest faults (and frustrations) with WooCommerce. We all know that great product photos sell your products to the shopper. By default, WooCommerce only allows you to put one product image per variation. Well, if you run a clothing store, you’ll want to put multiple images on your product page.

Let’s take a simple t-shirt as an example. If your shirt has a design on both the front and the back, WooCommerce only allows one product photo. If you upload the picture of the front of the shirt, people won’t know what design is on the back of the shirt.

This is where WooThumbs For WooCommerce comes in. You can upload multiple images to each product variation. This allows you to post several different photos and angles of your items. In our earlier example with a t-shirt, you can post pictures of the front, back, side and even models wearing the shirt so the buyer can get an idea of what the shirt looks like on someone.

Another great feature about this plugin is you can add a video as well. Video allows your buyers to see movement and, depending on what type of video you use, can be a great tactic to show the experiences and how they will feel when they use your product.

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

This plugin is another WooCommerce must if you want to help increase engagement and potential sales for your online store.

Many people nowadays are shopping from their mobile phones. Regardless of who your demographic is, you want to make the shopping experience on your site very easy and simple for the users.

Dropdown menus are okay when someone is viewing your store on a desktop computer. And it’s true the dropdown menus do appear in mobile versions of the website, some of your buyers may not know how to activate the drop down menu.

This is why it’s important to make things very simple for the user. Again, going back to selling a t-shirt online, adding nice and clean color swatches is much easier for the user to see and much more aesthetically pleasing.

IconicWP actually has 12 different plugins specifically for WooCommerce stores that are geared towards helping generate more revenue for you. You can choose to get a license for a single plugin or they have a great option to have access to all 12 plugins at a discounted rate. Check out their plugins here.