6 Traits The Best Silk Screening Las Vegas Companies Have

Silk Screening Las Vegas

We all know custom printed garments are a great marketing tool for any business. While this is no secret, finding the best company can be a challenge since all of them claim to be the “greatest” silk screening Las Vegas company out there.

But how do you separate the quality shops from the amateurs shouting the loudest to hopefully lure you (and your money) in.

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What to look for in a silk screen printing company

#1) They are passionate about what they do

While you’ll never find someone as passionate about your business as you are, you can rest assured the passion we have for industry is on the same level as yours.

This passion for the entire t-shirt printing process, from concept and design to product knowledge and printing techniques, has elevated us above the competition. We’re always looking at industry trends and the latest products and techniques so our clients will benefit.


#2) They treat their business like a business


Like restaurants and a lot of other industries, there is a staggering 90% failure rate among custom apparel businesses.

There are a lot of people out there who can print a shirt, but what they lack is business sense and a business attitude.

These people take a laxidazical attitude towards you and your shirts. Your job gets completed when ‘it gets completed’. You’d be surprised how many times we’ve heard of (and actually known) people in the industry who are in an endless ‘cycle’ of using new client’s money to pay for old client’s orders.

Here is the scenario: a company has spent the money from someone else’s job so they use your down payment to finish that previous order up. Now, they’re stuck trying to find the money to buy the products for your printing job – and the cycle continues on. This leads to you receiving your shirts really late or not at all. If you look at online reviews of screen printing companies, you’ll most likely see these types of stories out there.


#3) They get it done right the first time


Many companies don’t take the time for quality control. Even worse, sometimes they know things are wrong but still pass it off to you hoping you won’t notice it. If you do notice it, then they come up with a dozen excuses on why the products were not correct.

That’s why we work diligently to get your printed apparel and garments done right the first time. We check every product that goes out to ensure it meets our standards. If there are any issues, we stand behind our work and fix it.


#4) They care about their clients


Giving great customer experience is a necessity in today’s tough business environment, but we like to take it a step further by focusing on the customer experience (find out more about customer experience here).

A big part of our philosophy is to improve the customer experience. From our website design to delivering the order and everything in between, we are constantly evaluating our interactions with clients from their point of view.


#5) They’re easily accessible


We know how frustrating it is when you can’t reach someone at a business. Leaving voicemail and not having phone calls or emails returned can become very stressful.

We’re very communication-oriented and offer several different ways to contact us.


#6) They give back


You want to work with a company who are good stewards to the communities it serves with the resources that are available to them.

We’re proud to say we’re a Silver Sponsor for the Nevada PTA and have been for the past 4 years. We have also donated time and resources to different non-profit organizations around Las Vegas.

The Price Factor

If you notice, we didn’t mention anything about price. People are so focused on price – which is understandable, but like any good business-minded person, they know price should never be the sole factor when deciding to buy a product or service.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” could not be any more accurate, especially when it comes to custom tshirt printing companies. It’s so easy for amateurs or “weekend warriors” to buy simple, sub-par equipment and say they’re a professional company. Then, when a job comes along that is not so simple, they have no idea what they’re doing. Furthermore, rather than admitting to the person that they’re in way over their heads, they just cut communication off completely and “pretend” it never happened. It’s sad to hear how many people have to come to us with horror stories like this.

This is the very reason you’ll want to avoid getting cheap custom printed t shirts.

So, be sure your custom apparel printing company has the knowledge, equipment and experience to accurately (and consistently) print your order and deliver it on time.

Does your silk screening Las Vegas shop have all these qualities? If not, give us a call for a free quote and rest assured you’re working with a professional, community minded company who gets the job done right the first time.

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